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Few writers understand what's really important for them to succeed as an author. They put their time in all the wrong places. They give up too soon. Or they expect an agent to represent their work, or a publisher to buy their book, when they aren’t ready. Maybe you're not ready now, but you can be, if you're willing to work for it.

Let me help you UNCOVER your potential as a WRITER, so you can leave your legacy. 

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Michelle Weidenbenner, Writing Coach

Kary Oberbrunner

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I'm Michelle. I lead and coach writers who are serious about becoming authors. The saddest stories are those that are never told. Tell your story. I've spent years learning the industry. I've been a #1 Amazon bestseller in many genres and have won multiple awards. 

But first, I received many rejection letters. I was told by a literary agent that my book, Fractured Not Broken would never sell and not to waste my time writing it. I ignored the nay-sayers and my inner doubt devils. I can help you bury your doubts too. Fractured Not Broken is changing lives and selling more copies than my other books. There's an option contract to make it a movie, too. Also, this book won FIRST PLACE in the AUTHOR ACADEMY AWARDS with Kary Oberbrunner.

Think of the lives you can change with your story. Think of the legacy you can leave. But first, you have to start. I hope you'll start with my newsletter or click the link above and meet Kary Oberbrunner, the founder of AUTHOR ACADEMY ELITE, the leader who knows how to publish books. Listen to Kary's webinar on how to get your book written and published. Don't wait! He only accepts so many people into his program at one time.

Michelle Weidenbenner, Writing Coach

Michelle Weidenbenner with John Maxwell

Coaching Testimonial

"Michelle helped me see what I've been searching for for a long time. If all her coaching is like our session, she could market herself as Guaranteed Epiphanies. Seriously--I'm so impressed!"   Mary

Coaching Testimonial

"I think the most helpful thing Michelle helped me with was cutting down my mountain. To write so many words a day seemed monumental to me; now I will start with a lower figure and build on that. She also encouraged me to think big and beyond the book. I like the idea of how my ideas could help others." Vivian