Anti-Spam Policy

Michelle Weidenbenner (aka R. Publishing, LLC) has a no tolerance for spam. We operate a responsible and ethical marketing policy and encourage business owners to comply with anti-spam regulations. We provide free e-mail newsletters to those who register for them. We also provide free information via e-mail, e-books, and PDF's to add value to writers, and provide updates regarding products and services that we provide.

In ALL cases these updates are only sent to people who have chosen to receive them by registering their details. 

All communications can be opted-out of at any time. Every email has simple instructions on how to unsubscribe from our email lists.

R. Publishing, LLC does not in any circumstances share or sell its e-mail lists to third parties. This policy is non-negotiable.

In the extremely unlikely event that you receive any message from us or one that has been sent using our systems that may be considered to be spam, please contact us using the details below and the matter will be immediately investigated.

We are committed to remaining fully compliant to anti-spam regulations. Consequently, we may amend this anti-spam policy at any time by publishing a new version on the website.

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Should you have any questions about this anti-spam policy, please email: