The days tick by, and you expect that they'll keep coming, but something unexpected happens. That's the thing with life. It's fragile, precious and unpredictable. Your mortality is not in your hands.

Don't wait until it's too late to tell your family how much you love them and how their lives have positively impacted you. Start writing your letters now. 

Download the ebook to find out how easy it is to write a letter and influence someone today.

How will your letters change lives?

  1. Your loved ones will have a keepsake that was especially created by you for them. 
  2. You will lift them up when you share how their life has mattered to you.
  3. Your words will help your family grieve in your absence.
  4. Your current and future family will be positively influenced by you.
  5. Your family will learn, be inspired and know how much you love them.
  6. You will have peace of mind knowing that you've left inspirational messages. 
  7. Your words will inspire others and encourage them to reach their potential.
  8. Your words can make the difference in what your children achieve, in what they believe they can accomplish, and how they deal with adversity. They will have something from you that has meaning. Even after you're gone, you'll continue to influence your children, grandchildren, and many more great-grandchildren.

This FREE eBook will help you ...

1.  Show your friends and loved ones how you cherish them.

2.  Know what to write to inspire others.

3.  Find different topic ideas, hundreds of prompts, and letter examples to inspire you.

4.  Write faster because you’ll know what to say.

5.  Find suggestions and ideas on how to write letters to the people you care about. 

6.  Leave your legacy in less than an hour with the help of this book's content.

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Coming SOON:   Leave a Letter,  Change a Life PODCAST.  Live examples and interviews of people who were changed by a letter. If you want to tell your story, and be considered for an interview, please reach out to me HERE.