Moms Letting Go
Without Giving Up
How to find JOY Despite your Addicted Loved One's Choices!

YOUR child is worth the fight!


HOPE, A Free Skill Guide, Membership to a Community of MOMS, and Speakers who understand addiction.

If your child has a substance use disorder, you aren't alone. 
If you're like millions of MOMS, you are neglecting yourself because you're consumed with helping your child.

Your actions affect your child's recovery and YOUR life.

Your child's addiction is NOT your fault.

But how you handle your child's addiction matters.

Overdose Death Statistics


We can help. 

Let us show you how to find JOY despite your child's choices.


If you don't take time for your wellness now, you'll be forced to take care of your illness later. Don't wait.


What YOU do TODAY could make a difference in your child's recovery.

WHY should you JOIN this group?

  • You're afraid your child will overdose
  • You don't know how to help your child
  • You're tired of the financial heartache
  • You're grieving the loss of your dreams for your child
  • You're tired of the disruption to your family
  • You live in shame and think you're responsible
  • You're tired of waiting for your child to get help
  • Some days you can't think of anything besides your addicted loved-one
  • You're full of anxiety
  • You feel helpless, alone and drained
  • Your child doesn't appreciate anything you do.
  • You can't focus
  • You're afraid you'll lose your job if you don't find a better way to cope
  • You can't afford a counselor, but you want help
  • You feel hopeless
  • Identify progress
  • Visualize the happily-ever-during
  • Learn and find support in the comfort of your own home
  • On your own schedule
  • Private and confidential
  • You don’t have to leave your home to find a support group
  • Simple step-by-step tools to help you write a different ending to your story
  • You’ll feel like you’re doing something proactive instead of sitting around waiting for your addicted loved-one to take the lead
  • You’ll find ways to enjoy your life and take charge of you, the one person whom you can control
  • These techniques will teach you life-long skills that you can apply to different parts of your life
  • Master your life
  • Fight for internal control
  • Channel your thoughts
  • Unlock the #1 Secret to recovery
  • Substitute unhealthy helping with healthy helping

The FREE Guide Highlights

Questions that will show you how to recover and find JOY.

We reinforce what we teach with worksheets that will guide you to success.

Seven simple steps to start.

Each simple step leads you to a better understanding of HOW to LET GO with kindness, love and consistency.


Exercises build resilience that guide your awareness. If we don't understand our contribution in our child's life, we won't know how to shift.

Support Group

If workbooks aren't your thing, you can still JOIN our FB support. Studies show that when we find comfort from others, we heal.

Share your successes, your frustrations, and ask for prayers. 

Don't wait until it's too late.

Over seventy thousand loved ones died of an addiction over dose in the last year.

Your family needs you and your positive influence in their lives. 

Learn how to cope with an addicted loved-one in the PRIVACY of YOUR OWN HOME.

Become a part of our group of
Mighty Moms who need HOPE. 

If you're a mom who is serious about transforming her life to move past the pain of caring for an addicted loved-one and into a more JOY-filled life, we want you on our team.

We're serious about starting a movement that will rock this ADDICTION world. We need a group of motivated and mighty moms who can CHARGE into this problem with solutions and BREAK this cycle.

Don't delay. Get the next part of your story right with a happily-ever-after ending.

Don't let go of your child. Let go of the unhealthy ways you cope with this disease instead, so your addicted loved-one will want to change too. 

Get instant access to the Moms Letting Go TEAM now!

This is a start to a NEW YOU!

What moms are saying:

Learning how to LET GO and work on my own recovery gave me my life back.

Through this guide, I learned how to set boundaries with my daughter, so I could lead a healthier life. Nothing changes if nothing changes. And it started with me.

How do I stop helping?

You don't get over your 'helping' addiction by avoiding your loved-one. You recover when you create a new life for yourself that doesn't involve trying to save, rescue or stop your addicted loved-one from using.

Moms who Care  


Sometimes love means doing nothing rather than doing something, and LETTING GO is not the same thing as giving up.

Moms need to say, "I love you enough to bear the toughest love of all."

-Sandy Sorenson, excerpt from the Journey Song: A Mother's Story of Her Son's Addiction

Steps Overview

The purpose of these steps is to transform MOMS, like you, who want to learn the necessary skills to find JOY despite your addicted loved-one's choices. You will change from a seed to a budding flower by implementing these seven simple steps.

You will learn coping strategies on how to help yourself during the most difficult time in your life. 

You will be invited to join our interactive confidential and private FB group. There you can connect with other moms who are in the process of transforming their lives, too. 


The Seedling. Every mom is the shell of a seed until she surrounds herself with the nutrients like education and support she needs to rise above the dirt.


Germinating. When you realize that you aren't alone, you will gain the courage to sprout where you are, even if you're a beginner.


Bursting Through.  The more you learn and surround yourself with a team of moms who are on similar journeys, they will help fertilize your environment, and the more solid you will grow. 


Reaching. As your roots take hold, you will develop new habits. These new habits will help you reach toward the sun for a better life.


Strengthening.  The taller you grow, and the firmer your root system develops, the stronger your chances are for a healthier life, which will strengthen the chance that your addicted loved-one will recover, too.


Budding.  As you begin to show your fragrant and vibrant color, other moms will follow your lead. They will see the change in you and want what you have.


Blooming.  When your addicted loved-one sees you blooming in your new joy-filled life, he will find HOPE that he can build a better life, too. 

Michelle Weidenbenner  //  Author

I was a novelist and a best-selling author until addiction gripped me by the neck and shook the life out of me.

Once I became the mother of an addicted loved-one and the guardian of his two children, everything changed. I spent years wondering if I'd get that call  ... the call to inform me that my son was gone.

Now that our son is a recovering 'opioid to heroin to meth' addict and working for a rehab company who pays him to help others, God is using me to help MOMS who are going through a similar journey.

I'm dedicating my life to helping MOMS like YOU write YOUR happily-ever-DURING ending to your story.

Michelle Weidenbenner

Join other Mighty Moms who understand your pain.  

I can't let go!

The worst part about helping our loved-ones is that I love him. Nobody understands him like I do. I'm so close to him and his illness that leaving him behind is like killing a part of me.

Sarah  //  The Mom of an Addict

Her Brain isn't the Same!

Every person is different and every addict recovers in a different way, but none are able to say, "I'll do this for mom." They wish they could, but their brain is so damaged that they can't even do it for themselves.

In the meantime, MOMs must take care of themselves.

DANA   //  A Mom of an Addict

I can't break away!

Before we can break out of our prison, we must first be aware that we are locked up. 

MARY  //  A Mom of an Addict

The Best Time to Start Getting WELL is Now!

We can't help change our loved-one. All we can do is change our reaction to the problem.

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