Michelle Weidenbenner ...
 is a passionate speaker who helps Moms of Addicted Loved Ones feel seen, heard, and understood. 
She will help Moms break free from their shame and learn how to love their children through their addiction.
-- Danielle Bernock, Founder of Victorious Souls

She’s the author of the book, Moms Letting Go Without Giving Up, Seven Steps to Self-Recovery. She mentors over 1600 Moms of Addicted Loved Ones in a private FB group where she shares education, prayers and hope. She also has courses that provide educational tools to help Moms.

Her BOON is to Empower ONE MILLION Moms into recovery by 2025. When Moms heal, they can become Mama Bears to help fight the addiction epidemic.

"I am only one person, but if I can empower one million Moms, we can accomplish so much more!" Michelle

Michelle’s Commitment to You:

The success of any event comes down to the quality of the speaker and their connection with the audience.

I strive to make the conference organizers' lives easier.

I promise:

???? Personal presentation custom for your audience.
???? Prompt replies to your phone calls and email messages.
???? An announcement about your event on our website and social media channels (If your event is open to the public and/or you want publicity.)
???? A custom resource page, exclusively for your attendees including slides and any pertinent links.
???? A quick follow-up with you after the event, to make sure expectations were met.
???? All-inclusive package pricing so one fee covers all. No concerns about travel costs, etc.

Target Audiences

Parents or other family members who are having difficulty coping with a family member’s substance use.

Men and/or women in addiction recovery who need to feel heard, be affirmed, and to be empowered. Resiliency Training – tapping into skills from their past to build the future.

To help general audiences understand addiction in an effort to reduce the stigma and find affordable recovery options for everyone. 



This group has helped me so much over the last several months when things were not good.

When you said help or encourage with love it that is what I have been doing. Letting the judgement, hurt and disappointment go even when things were not good. So now I’m trying to step back and encourage her with love and no judgement. My thoughts are definitely a little lighter right now....I also know that things can change but I will try to keep that calm, loving spirit. Thank you always for all the encouragement from you and all the beautiful Moms!????



Thank you so much, I cannot even begin to tell you how just being a part of this group has helped me.

I've been going thru this with 2 boys or should I say men, 44 and 42 yrs old. Now I have a sense of control over my life. I am still figuring it out but I have learned so much and am handling things so differently that slowly I see changes in my son. We have a long way to go but its a start and this is so much better than no change. I pray so hard for my youngest, and my oldest will be getting out of transition on the 19th. I pray hard for all these moms and am so grateful God lead me to your page. God Bless you always.



I cannot say enough good things about the All Mighty Mom Tribe and Michelle!

When I joined the group I was feeling really lost and had not idea how to deal with my daughter and her alcohol and drug use. I had tried everything I could think of and was getting nowhere. I later learned through the group support all the ways that I was enabling her and actually causing more harm than good. I now know how to communicate with her in a loving but firm way, and the changes that I have seen in her as well as myself have been amazing.  I am learning all the ways that I get in the way of gods work when I try to fix the consequences that God is enforcing in her life. The group offers support calls and coaching calls every week and we are all on What’s App so you can get group support anytime day or night. We also worked with a mentor that you can talk to one on one which was very helpful and we got very close and became very good friends. If you are on the fence about joining the group, I say go for it! You won’t be disappointed! 

Michelle’s presentations will give insight, hope, and a path forward...

Her approach is heartfelt, based on personal experience with addiction in her own family, research, interviews with experts, and working with families impacted by substance use disorders.

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